Centered in Christ

The life of the Marianist Religious is centered in Christ, whose emblem we bear. Following the Disciples, we perpetuate the first community in Jerusalem where all had one heart and one soul. We integrate several practices into our daily lives to further bring us towards conformity to Christ.

Faith and Prayer

Prayer is a central practice in the life of the Marianist Religious, in particular meditation or silent prayer. We meditate daily on the life of Christ in order to merge into it. Through prayer, we listen to the voice of the Lord who calls us to Him. Prayer is the mirror by which we gauge our conformity to Christ.


Education of the Faith

The Marianist Religious of Togo express their faith and propagate it mainly through the integral education of the person. We train hearts to fear the Lord and love of the neighbor, we train bodies to optimal maturity, and we train minds to meet the challenges of our time in the fields of science and culture, social justice and human rights, patriotism and civism.

Virgin Mary

The Marianist Religious adopts Mary, the blessed mother of our Savior as his mother and his model. She protects us and assists us in each step of our lives. We take her as a model of faith, openness to God, prayer and life of virtues. We give her a special devotion.