What is the Society of Mary?

The Society of Mary (Marianist Brothers) is a congregation within the Roman Catholic Church, of pontifical right. We are men living in community where, through our lives, we bear witness to the evangelical counsels and to the Kingdom of God.

What is the meaning of our Life?

Our vocation takes its source and its fullness in Christ. We commit ourselves to following him by publicly professing the vows of religion.

By the vow of chastity we live a life of celibacy, freed from all family constraints for a total dedication to the mission.

By the vow of poverty we embrace a lifestyle of simplicity, recognizing the value of material goods and sharing our resources with the poor.

By the vow of obedience we submit our will to the Lord through the needs and demands of the community.

Is the Marianist Religious Priest or Brother?

The Marianist community is mixed, where lay people and priests live together with the same rights and the same duties. We all participate in a common mission, each according to their state of life. We have as common distinctive sign the wearing the Marianist cross figured above.

What is the Difference between Marianist Religious and Other Religious in the Church?

The Marianist Religious have as a model the Virgin Mary. Through her life of simplicity, prayer and the openness to God, she inspires us in our life and in our mission and reminds us that the Gospel can be lived in all its rigor.