Marianist Center for Human and Spiritual Formation

With reception rooms, the MCEF is an ideal setting for short and medium length stays in Lomé. It offers an opportunity of immersion in the local environment for tourism, studies or work.

Brother Jean-Eudes Lawson, member of the center’s animation team, describes it to us: The Marianist Center of Lomé is an initiative of the Region of Togo in 2014 to offer a welcoming and training framework both on a human and spiritual level. The Center thus presents itself as a place of meeting, communion, interior life and openness to the world as to its Creator. The center is managed by the brothers on site. There is a group of young people who help (academically) pupils in difficulty; a prayer group for the mission of the Marianist Brothers of the community; and for the liturgy, two choirs, altar servers for mass and finally the group of readers. These groups are a pastoral field for the community. The Center had to organize practical training workshops (making soaps, ointments, pearls, etc.), school orientation meetings; and very recently (Sunday July 21, 2019), it served as the setting for the dedication of the novel “Men hide to cry” by our colleague Ferdinand Farara. Our community (the community of Marianist brothers), adjoining the Center, is in the Agbalépédogan district, on the outskirts of the town of Lomé. We are in the midst of a population with multiple needs, and it is in the joy of the Lord that we share our space and are present to them. It is not always easy for pupils and students to study in their homes (usually “common yards” where several households live) because of the noise. The Center opens its doors to them.

During the school year, the Center, in partnership with the Catholic Movement ADSIS, supports students from the 6th to 4th class of the CEG in Agbalépédogan, our neighborhood: on Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning, these students have lessons in support; they also have the opportunity to talk about their difficulties at home or at school.

The Center is a place of spiritual formation: masses, recollections or sessions are held there. The weekend of July 12 to 14, 2019, eight (8) couples from the Notre Dame de Cotonou-BENIN Teams (Teams N ° 25 and 44) ​​organized their recollection there. Many people also come to pray, especially at the cave or at the Sunday Eucharistic celebration. We also welcome those who request it for the listening service. And speaking of welcome, the Center offers rooms for those who come to rest for a few days: religious or priests passing through Lomé, lay people for a time of rest or prayer (on the recommendation of religious, priests or well-known people , the Center wishing to distinguish itself from a hotel). Thus is usually animated the Center where other activities could be envisaged for the greater Glory of God, the Honor of Mary and the Salvation of the World.

Jean-Eudes Lawson, sm

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