The Voice of the Lord Whispers in Me


My brother, the Lord asks you: Who are you looking for? You or the Lord your God. He only asks you to let yourself be invaded by him. Give him time to use you as he sees fit, without having to realize anything. It is a way of protecting yourself because if you realized this usefulness in front of him, you could be puffed up with pride. Because you see the evil one seeks only one loophole to accuse you, he is always on the lookout for what you want to undertake and do, for the good of all.

The evil one hides in sincerity, he cannot in truth. He locks himself in and you persist in turning in on yourself, refusing criticism and self-criticism, which should lead you to be wary of yourself when necessary. But the Lord also tells you, that everything must be ordered to him, it is he who accompanies you and does things for you. All he asks of you is to give him the place which is his in your life, and the apostolic audacity which you must show without giving in to the temptation of pride and excess. Put your hand in the Lord’s hands and he will use you wisely to carry out his own projects, the very ones he suggests to you, to completion. Seek only him and him alone, nothing else. Love him, let him take the reins of your life, surrender to him, if you want him to work with you. Depending on whether you forget it, your life following me can become a principle of ruin or it will be for you new paths, paths of daily conversion. Sin is still lurking in front of you, but you, dominate it. It is to the extent that you will dominate it that you will choose blessing and happiness. This is where the conversion begins. At every moment of your life, always presents itself before you life and happiness, death and misfortune.

The Lord asks you to choose life and happiness as he suggested to the people of Israel in Dt 30,15. By choosing life and happiness, you make the choice of trust, the choice of faith. Amen!!!

Bro. Dominique AGATE, SM