The Resurrection at the Heart of the Family


The ascent to Jerusalem (Mt 20:18) draws to its completion, and soon we will celebrate the great mystery of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, the foundation of our faith. This time of Lent certainly helps us to prepare for it through prayer, penance and sharing. But at the same time, it is important to already think about what we will wear at the end of this Lent as a concrete call to shine the light of the resurrection. Solicitude for the family could therefore be a good resolution at the end of this time of Lent and a leitmotif to show the joy of the resurrection of our Savior in this year both dedicated to Saint Joseph and to the “Family-Amoris Laetitia” .

The notion of Family has already been struck by problems of all kinds for a long time, and it results from the fact that it is the unit of society most weakened by the dramatic consequences of the current health crisis. Just think of the parents who lose their jobs, who see their income dwindle, the children who can barely benefit from an education, guaranty of a better future. It doesn’t take much analysis to see that so many families all over our planet are going through difficult situations that demand our prayer, attention and action.

Moreover, the first words of Pope Francis in Amoris laetitia reveal that: “The joy of love which is lived in families is also the joy of the Church”. The Church being acquired at the cost of the blood of Christ, it is obviously the joy of the Risen Christ to see families living in love, a love which has its source in the Trinity and which is manifested in the Holy Family of Nazareth. The message of the Risen Christ this year thus seems to me, among other things, to be at the heart of the Church the call to value the gifts of marriage and of the family, to encourage values, such as the gift of self, commitment, fidelity or patience where family life does not take place in peace and joy.

Saint Joseph, proposed for our imitation, helps us by the testimony of a life lived in obedience to the will of God, tenderness, creative courage, dedication to work, silence full of confidence, attention and action. As the Holy Father also writes in Patris Cord, “the spiritual life that Joseph shows us is not a path that explains, but a path that welcomes. It is only from this welcome, from this reconciliation, that we can also glimpse a bigger story, a deeper meaning. “.

We cannot separate Jesus, Mary and Joseph in the plan of salvation. They introduce us into the mystery of our Christian life which is necessarily lived in family. The link between the resurrection of Christ and our Christian vocation to live in family and in love is therefore undeniable. Easter this year offers us the opportunity to multiply gestures and initiatives towards our families, those close to us or those entrusted to our pastoral charge. May Jesus, who was born into the family of Nazareth for our redemption, let the light of his resurrection shine on our families so that there may be peace, joy and love.

Happy Easter as family!

Bro. Anselme, sm