Discovery Adele High School of Kara


Adele High School is a denominational school of general education with both middle and high school levels, founded in 1963 by the Marianist sisters. The aim is to help young girls access higher education. After few years, Adèle College became a mixed school at the request of the Togolese State in 1975. Today, it has seven levels with 14 classes including a high school created in October 2015 with a total enrollment of 753 students.

It depends on the congregation of the Daughters of Mary Immaculate, Marianist. And like any Catholic school, it is also subject to the laws that govern the Togolese school system.

The teaching of youth is a characteristic of the Marianists wanted by the founders, Father Guillaume Joseph Chaminade and Mother Adèle de Batz de Trenquélléon. Beyond the good secular formation, the Marianist sisters aim above all for the salvation of souls through an education which is based on moral and spiritual values ​​and principles.

Adele High School wants to be a family in which each member feels at home in the respect of one another, in the dignity and the sensitivity of each. The management of this College is currently held by Sister Marie Noëllie AWILI, assisted by the principal, Mr. TIEM PANA Bath Man and sister Marie Clémence NABEDE (FMI), the secretary. The sisters of the community not only intervene in the school, but also play a discreet and effective role by witness and by the infiltration of the evangelical and Marianist spirit within the establishment. This spirit is reinforced by the existence of two groups of sodalities. (One for teachers and one for students).

 The administration is assisted in its tasks by two deans of discipline who do their best to maintain order and discipline within the school.

Associated with around thirty teachers, it forms an active educational community to ensure the training of honest citizens, Christians on the road to holiness, young people capable of accepting difference and capable of initiatives to transform their environment. The concepts of respect for the environment, justice and peace are instilled in the learners through the activities of the different clubs and in daily practice.

As for the evaluations, they are done twice a week then a quarterly exam. To allow learners to review their marks, a transcript is given to them at the end of the term.

The importance of the family spirit in the school leads us to consider that the class remains a basic cell of our establishment and the vitality of the whole college depends on it. Indeed, each class’ main teacher seeks daily to organize their class, to give it cohesion, to energize the students. By using all the opportunities (birthday, illness, difficulties, mutual sponsorship which takes into account the aptitudes of each in the different subjects), they try to show their students the importance of human relationships, the sense of complementarity and solidarity , then a spirit of creative initiative through school and extracurricular activities (production of soaps, training in installation of satellite dishes, etc.). Parent of the class, they make efforts to regularly follow the work of their students and can advise and help in time the students whose work leaves to anticipate a failure or exclusion.

As infrastructure, the school has a laboratory room that allows students to carry out small scientific experiments under the supervision of teachers. A library, allowing them to strengthen their vocabulary and acquire other skills in oral and written expression. In addition, the school has a nursing office for the care of students; a water point to quench their thirst.

In the cultural field, sports fields for games and leisure have been arranged to allow students to carry out all sports activities. Adele High School has two boarding schools run by the sisters. They provide young girls with a better environment and study climate. A computer room equipped with computers, offers notions on computer tool to the learners.

Also girls are introduced to housework while boys are engaged in manual labor.

To allow students to better express themselves, to organize themselves and to flourish, several clubs and groups are created, in this case the music club which helps them to develop their musical talent; the environmental club which oversees the cleanliness of the college and its reforestation. The English club not to be forgotten, allows learners to familiarize themselves with the English language. In order to develop their ability to express themselves and to write, to give them a notion on reporting and to show their mastery of computers, a newspaper club is updated and publishes a newspaper every year. 

In conclusion, Adèle College is increasingly seeking to provide quality education to young people through its teachers, its infrastructure, its pedagogy and its teaching materials.

 Sr Marie Noëllie AWILI (F.M.I)