Jesus Tells You


Jesus tells you today that: “The Holy Spirit, gift of God, love poured out in your heart and the finger of the father, frees you from all evil. He does not allow himself to be controlled by anyone and acts beyond ecclesial structures. Like a worm, a burning substrate, a poison, it burns your sins without consuming you. His presence gives you serenity and gentleness, his absence “accuses you” and saddens you, overwhelms you and makes you run in search of him. He frees you from the fear of death and makes you say: “Lord, your love is better than life, you will be the praise of my lips.” He is the finger of God who sanctifies you and makes you strong against it. evil. He does not cohabit with foreign bodies in your heart and in your body. Without delay he obliges you to pray without which you are not at all rest. He sometimes seems to be there but he is still in step again. At the slightest sin, he signals to you a remorse which makes you rush to confession. Do not sadden him. Show yourself to collaborate with your intimate host and he will blossom your soul. Amen! “

Bro. Dominique AGATE, SM