Lord, Open our Eyes


Today, during our morning prayer, as usual in our Saint Joseph Marianist community in Sotouboua (Togo), we take turns reading the prayers of Praise and Intercession. The brother who precedes me begins: “Open our eyes”, Then said: “I do not see anything…”; he then motioned for me to continue. What I do, while smiling under my breath, as they say: “let them see the poor and the unhappy, that we may recognize you in them”.

Later, I realized that this anecdote that I thought was trivial is not in reality. It is actually a beautiful experience that the Lord gives us there!

The brother in question did not have his reading glasses. He still managed to read the first words of intercession, that is, the gist of the prayer: Open our eyes. Then, to confess: I see nothing! The Lord gave him sufficient light to be able to read and pray to him: Open our eyes! Let us give thanks to the Lord who granted him this grace!

Ignace Pagnan, sm